How do you view yourself? We look in the mirror every day and see a familiar face staring back at us, but how does a complete stranger see you? During this study, I confronted friends and strangers with the promise of depicting them with one continuous line on paper. I accompanied the process with awkward silence and ice breaker questions ranging from completely irrelevant to downright weird. I aimed to create a work of art that was more than just mine, by sharing the experience of creating with someone else. Through this I also learned that we are not what we think we are. We are seen differently by every pair of eyes that lands a glance on us. We are more than just our own individuality, but more of a collective conciseness of everyone we’ve ever met. This project really let my mind wander on the idea of an identity and how fragile it can be. The drawings were created on 11” by 14” Bristol board using micron ink pens and colored pencils. If you find these interesting and want to see more of the journey ahead with project visit @fine_blck_line on Instagram.