These caricatures are reflections of some of my personal heroes; Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Nye, and Salvador Dali. All of these men have paved a road through history almost entirely on their own. They own their weirdness and use it to create things that question the social norms of everyday life, and they had fun while they did it. The drawings themselves are made using pencil, micron pens, and Indian ink on 14” by 17” Bristol board. Images were first sketched in 2B pencil, then heavier line work was done first with micron pen. The Indian ink was applied by brush as a wash. To finish off the little details I went back in with micron pen again to clean up and loose ends and define selected lines. Each piece took anywhere from one to three hours, including concept and sketch work. I really enjoyed creating these and hope you enjoy them as much as I do, cheers.